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Make Your Own Pet Cages

Build Your Own Wire Fabric Cage

If you choose to design & build cages to suit your individual needs, our wire fabric will fit your needs.

This material is cage quality before welding galvanized wire fabric.  Available by the foot or 100 foot rolls.

        21-2412 - 24" wide 1" x 1/2" spacing
        21-3012 - 30" wide 1" x 1/2" spacing

        21-2411 - 24" wide 1" x 1" spacing
        21-1421 - 14" wide 2" x 1" spacing
        21-1821 - 18" wide 2" x 1" spacing
        21-2421 - 24" wide 2" x 1" spacing
        21-3021 - 30" wide 2" x 1" spacing
        21-3621 - 36" wide 2" x 1" spacing

Door Lock

Our metal door lock is made of a combination of galvanized steel & aluminum.

The back, which you wrap around the door wire, is aluminum for easy attachment.  The tongue portion is heavy 20 gauge galvanized steel to prevent bending.  A steel nickel plated rivet provides the pivot.

The combination of aluminum and galvanized steel eliminates the problem of the lock rusting closed.

03305 - Door Lock

Door Hanger

Our door hanger is made of 20 gauge galvanized steel.  It attaches to top on the inside of the cage holding the door up and out of the way.

03301 - Door Hanger

Klip Pliers

The klip plier is used to crimp the kage klips around the wire mesh.  Klips can be crimped without the plier but the plier makes it easier.

Circle K’s klip plier is designed for optimum comfort, durability and strength.The offset head reduces user fatigue.

Klip Pliers
03318 Klip Plier
The plastic handles insure user comfort and the machine finished edges allows hours of comfortable use.

The black oxide finish will give you years of maintence free service.

Plier are made of speical "hard Rockwell" cold rolled steel.

Standard Klip Pliers
03312 Klip Plier
The Standard klip plier is drop-forged with a machine finish.

This plier is for the big jobs.  A quarter million or more klips.

Kage Klips

Popular klip for assembly or repair of cages, pens, traps or fences.

Kage klips are to be used with 14. 16. or 14/16 gauge wire combinations. Klips are sold by the 100’s only.

        03308 Kage Klips
        03307 Kage Klips (25lb box)
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