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What others say about Odor Sol®!

I would like to take this time to let you know how much help your product has been to my company. Our plant is located in Zion, Illinois, the farthest Northeastern part of the state. On six acres of farmland and an area that has a lot of wild life. On occasion we get skunks nesting in our semi trailers. Well, I don't think I have to say any more, yes, you're right they spray the trailer and then the trailer is not fit for man or beast. Your chemical is the only thing that eliminates the odor. Otherwise, we would not be able to use our trailers to ship our products.

Our sincerest thanks again,
Joseph Kujawinski, President
Cleveland Corporation

"Hi! Just wanted to complement you on an excellent site. I just placed an order for Odor Sol through your on line order section. Thank goodness for folks like you and a very nice person Emmet at Cirle-K Inc. We have used Odor Sol for many years and many uses and suddenly our local farm store told us it was no longer available to them through their supplier. I tried several other much advertised products and was unimpressed by them. All seem to come with a strong and lingering aroma and broadcast the fact that you are trying to eliminate some odor or another.

We have use regular strength Odor Sol on everything from fish smell on hands and clothes, very dead animal odor in dog coats (nothing like trying to sleep in an RV with a stinky dog), skunk scent on a snoopy JRT dog, cat litter boxes, cat spray on walls when strays decide to move in. Have you tried this product to cut the smell of diesel fuel on clothes? 2 oz. in a washer load works wonders. Honestly I am unable to think of anything we have tried to deodorize with Odor Sol that wasn't a success.

Keep up the good work and please keep on carrying my favorite product.

Beverly Stanton
Amity, OR

"How I like OdorSol and how it is used: I have used OdorSol for many years. We have a sick old cat who gets urinary tract infections and pee's on beds, chairs, etc. When he does, the other cat follows suit.

But washing or cleaning with OdorSol completely neutralizes the odor. Our local store quit carrying your product, claiming that it was too expensive. So I tried what they were selling (Nature's Miracle), which seemed to be ineffective -- at least the cats were not fooled. Fortunately, in the age of the internet, I am not defeated when a local retailer chooses to drop an item."


"Dear AlphaOmegaPet,

Here is my amazing experience with Odor-Sol!

Carelessly, I spilled some latex paint in the front seat of my car. My husband (even more careless than I!) cleaned up the spill with gasoline. The smell this mess created (especially in the Texas heat) was horrible!! I sprayed the clean-up area with Odor-Sol........and the gasoline/paint odor VANISHED. Thanks to your product, the inside of my car smells like leather again!! We also just moved into a house which was in great need of repair. One of the rooms had a leaky roof. When we removed the ruined carpet & pad, we were left with a very musty-smelling room. So we cleaned the floor with a mixture of Odor-Sol and water. Once it dried, the musty odor was gone. We were AMAZED. Thank you for such a great, safe product!"

Jeannette Evans
Pet Life Magazine

"I had bought a bottle of your OdorSol odor eliminator for pet odors and general household use. It was the best odor eliminator I have ever had. We have cats and a dog as members of our family so I was very happy with your product.

My problem is, I can NOT find it anywhere!!! Please tell me where I can purchase more of this wonderful product?

...Thanks for your attention to this matter."

Delores Green
Old Lyme, Connecticut

"Just wanted to say thank you for making such a great deodorizing product. My husband and I have been using your product on our cabin cruiser to eliminate the musty odor that goes along with boating. Your product is just fantastic. Keep up the good work. Everyone that comes aboard our boat remarks how fresh and clean our cabin smells. Thank you again, Carolyn and Joe K.

"I have two cats, one of which will not use the litter box after the other cats has used it.

I used your product, OdorSol, in order to eliminate the scent of the other cat in order to get the other cat to use the box. I was amazed at how well your product worked!

It did not mask the scent with perfume or cover-up, it totally eliminated it! When I use it, the cat does not recognize that the other cat had been there. I have no more problems with the one cat using my plants instead of the litter box!"

Thank you so much,
Debbie Mahler

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