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Remedy for Cats and Kittens

For treating all breeds of Cat and Kitten. Effective for the relief of upper respiratory ailments produced by congestion or allergy. When a cat loses its sense of smell due to congestion, it also loses its appetite, further weakening your pet. VetRx provides the fast relief needed to encourage it to take in nourishment and speed up the process of natural healing.

Symptoms to look for:   Sniffling, sneezing, nasal discharge and noisy breathing.

Dosages and Preparing Suggestions: 
For best results use VetRx warm. Put bottle in a container of warm water and let it stand for a few minutes or warm quickly over medium heat with the spout in open (upright) position. Always test temperature of product before applying.

Apply 2 drops directly into each nostril for adult cats, 1 drop for kittens. Repeat in 5 minutes. Repeat application 3-4 times a day. If possible, isolate your pet and treat with VetRx in warm water vaporizer, following manufacturers directions.

If upper respiratory symptoms persist, contact your veterinarian.


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